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Gabriela Sitja Rocha BIM-consultant

‘‘When I first started at KUBUS, I received a presentation welcoming me to the company. I’ve never forgotten the mission that was put forward: to make people happy through Building Information Management (BIM). I thought it was a very clear and powerful mission.”

Close contact with clients “Nowadays, I’m confident in saying that this message goes to the heart of what KUBUS stands for. As a  BIM consultant, I’m in close contact with our clients. We help them to get the most out of their software and to optimise their workflow. But their feedback helps us too. We hear from them how they feel about things and which challenges they encounter. This means that we have to continuously stay sharp and come up with solutions.”

 Gabriela’s KUBUS CV

  • Has been working at KUBUS for just over a year

  • Has also worked as a BIM specialist in Brazil  

  • Knows the international market

 In search of BIM “For me, joining KUBUS was a very logical step. I come from Brazil and spent a long time working there as a BIM specialist. When my husband and I moved to the Netherlands, I Immediately started looking for a company that also works with BIM. I soon found it in the form of KUBUS.” 

Internationally oriented   ‘KUBUS and I make a good match in several ways. For instance, KUBUS has grown rapidly in recent years and is internationally oriented. In fact, it focuses not only on Europe, but also on Asia and Latin America. I am familiar with the international market and can be of added value in this respect.” 

 Working on yourself “What’s more, we have the same view about how we should work with one another. As an employee, it is always nice to get support from your employer. I get a very strong feeling that this is how KUBUS operates. KUBUS as employer shares their thoughts with my colleagues and myself about how we can develop ourselves further. All members of staff receive a budget that we can use when choosing training courses in order to work on certain capabilities.”

Would you like to become a BIM consultant, just like Gabriela? KUBUS is always on the lookout for talented people with commitment and ambition.