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Harald Dogge BIM Productspecialist

“As a BIM product specialist at KUBUS, I help our clients in the construction sector to use software that will enable them to work more efficiently and accurately. I spend every day solving problems for other people, and that aspect really appeals to me. Sometimes I help to implement the software or provide the necessary support, while at other times I give courses on-site or online.” Growing and developing “The nice thing about KUBUS is that you get all the space you need for self-development and growth. The company has several in-house software products that new recruits (or people with more experience in this branch) can try out to see which kind they enjoy using, which type suits them best, and where their ambitions lie.”  

Harald Dogge's KUBUS Cv Has been working for KUBUS as a BIM product specialist for five years Is 44 years old, making him one of the older members of staff Wants to increase his knowledge of BIM software and share it with others

Young and ambitious “There are lots of young and ambitious people working at KUBUS. I’m 44 years old and one of the oldest employees, so that tells you enough. These young, ambitious people fit in well with the innovative and progressive company that we are. If you want to develop yourself further in a certain area, there are a number of tools and opportunities available within the company.”

Culture “In the five years that I’ve been working at KUBUS, the company has grown to a huge extent. What makes this even better is that the culture has remained the same. The lines of communication with colleagues are as short as ever, people’s doors are still open and we always have lunch together. We also regularly organise fun things to do or sporting activities outside working hours.”

BIM specialists “I can remember glancing at the KUBUS newsletter and seeing the company was looking for BIM product specialists. I knew I was interested immediately. After having used this software for fifteen years, I wanted to take the next step by further enlarging my product knowledge and sharing it with other people. Also, I had already spoken to people from KUBUS during various events and webinars. They always gave me a good feeling about the place. And that feeling has only grown stronger over the past five years.”

Would you like to become a BIM product specialist, just like Harald? KUBUS is always on the lookout for ambitious and talented people.