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Marvin Grit Software developer

“I go to KUBUS every day with a big smile on my face. It’s put there by the challenging work and the great colleagues I have. The culture at KUBUS suits me really well: we believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting down to the hard work when necessary, and having fun when we can.”

Software developer “I started out as a junior software developer in 2014. At the time, I didn’t yet know exactly which IT direction I wanted to go in, and didn’t want to be just a number at the company where I began my career. But at KUBUS, I’ve been able to develop myself and grow with the company. I can certainly say that our ambitions run in parallel.”

Marvin’s KUBUS CV

  • Has been working as a software developer at KUBUS for seven years

  • Goes to work with a big smile on his face every day 

  • Focuses on the front and back ends of the software 

BIMcollab Zoom “I’ve worked my way up to become a senior software developer. I work on the front and back ends of the software that we make in order to further increase efficiency in the construction sector. This means that I create the user interface and also take care of how the software operates. Over the past few years, I’ve mainly focused on BIMcollab Zoom.”

Informal working environment But I don’t just have a good relationship with my colleagues within the office walls. We have a Christmas dinner every year, we usually have a drink together on Friday afternoons, there’s a barbecue and there are outings organised. That’s the great thing about KUBUS: even though we’ve grown a lot over the last few years, the culture and family atmosphere of the firm have remained the same. Christmas dinner “The nice thing about working at KUBUS is that you work very closely with the rest of the team. Together, we do our best to obtain the best result for our clients, so that they can reach their goals today and achieve their ambitions tomorrow. And we do all this in an informal and pleasant atmosphere. There’s time for a chat at the coffee machine, but we work hard too. We don’t just sit in suits at our computers. Our doors are always open.”

Would you like to work as a software developer, just like Marvin? KUBUS is always on the lookout for talented and dedicated people.