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Renske Ontrop Officemanager

“I work for KUBUS as an office manager and have a broad range of tasks. I assist the management, am a member of the MT, and am in charge of the secretarial staff. I also take on a number of HR and P&O tasks together with the HR manager, act as the first point of contact for new members of staff, and organise activities and outings".

At the heart of the workspace “I’m involved in everything that goes on at KUBUS, and so this role is just perfect for me. I’m a social animal, and I think it's very important for us as human beings to have good relationships with one another in the workplace. Making social connections is also a key value at KUBUS. Here, we look at the person behind the employee. I feel very comfortable with that.” 

Renske Ontrop’s KUBUS CV

  • Has been working at KUBUS for six years  

  • Is at the heart of the workplace  

  • First point of contact for new staff 

  • Looks at the person behind the employee 

Qualities “I came here for a job interview six years ago to apply for the position of administrative assistant. Halfway through the interview, they told me that they also needed an office manager, and thought I’d be the right person for that role. I was a bit overwhelmed, but am very pleased that KUBUS gave me this opportunity based on my abilities and personality. I feel completely at home and am very happy in the role that I’m fulfilling. I can make use of all my talents here.” 

Person behind the employee  “I’m very pleased to be the person who gives new members of staff a warm welcome, no matter which kind of job they are coming here to do. For instance, we have sales executives, developers and marketeers. I’m a ‘people person’ who enjoys coming into contact with other people. This informal way of communicating fits in perfectly with the KUBUS culture.”

Warm welcome “At KUBUS, it often happens that people take part in development interviews in order to set off in a new direction within the company. This alone makes Kubus unique: it’s not just your CV, but also the person behind the employee who determines in which role you will be able to make the most of yourself. We’re all very different at KUBUS, but we all act as one. Our diversity comes from being lots of different types of people, while our unity comes from aiming for the same goal.” 

Would you like to play a central role at KUBUS, just like Renske? KUBUS is always on the lookout for sociable people with diverse talents.